Mompreneur.Rocks Rising Star- Meenal Oberai, Founder Glow Well 24

This time we feature our new Mompreneur.Rocks Rising Star – Meenal Oberai. She is the founder of Glow Well 24.

We spoke with Minal and asked her about her life and work.

Tell us about your growing years? What were your ambitions growing up?

During my growing years I was always fascinated by the glamour world like modelling and the fashion world. I always used to think about becoming a model or at least stay connected somehow in the glamour world.

Tell us about your business and what you do?  How did you get into that business?

I am an Makeup artist and do facial with treatments , peels and hair treatments.. Started with makeup but got interested in skin and later hair …got in through my interest .. would enter the fashion world .. modelling..

Are you a certified practioner?


Yes I am certified. I do have professional certifications for makeup artist… and  advance facial treatments and hair treatments certificate.

 How do you balance being a mom and a business owner?

My kids are now all grown up and they are quite independent now. So I do not have to be after them like when they were small.

I have enough time on my hand for my work though I do keep a regular check on them.

What’s your normal day schedule?

Well I handle all the cooking at home and I try and make sure to take care of all members of my family. Also I have to provide time to my clients .

What motivates you? Who has been your inspiration?

Being an ambitious person from childhood I have always been a self motivated person but its my Husband who has been the biggest motivating factor in my life.

What do you enjoy the most as a mompreneur? and what has been the best part of starting this business as your own?

Its given me a lot of freedom to do what I like and also I like to help my clients as its been my passion. Overall its been good.

Right now, If given a choice of a corporate job or your business? What would you choose and why?

Definitely I would like to work on my own. Its gives me a sense of freedom and responsibility.

What advice would you like to give other mompreneurs?
My advice is to all mompreneurs is please do what you do , enjoy and be happy always.

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  1. Rachna

    Going great guns meenal…Wish u the sky n stars.